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Granola Potato Seeds
Granola is a robust maincrop table potato that is well established in very different climates all over the world. The round oval tubers come along with cooking type B,[nbsp] yellow flesh and a low susceptibility to mechanical damage, common scab and Rhizoctonia. Due to its good dormancy Granola is also very suitable for long term storage. Resistances: PCN Ro 1, 4. Plant Maturity Medium early Plant type Intermediate Growth habit Upright Color of flower Red-violet Foliage development Slow Number of tubers High Dormancy High, Very high Tuber characteristics Tuber shape Round oval Flesh color Yellow Eye depth Shallow, Medium Skin color Yellow Skin characteristic Rough Resistances Nematodes Ro 1, Ro 4 Leaf blight High Tuber blight High Rhizoctonia High Black leg High Common scab High Internal rust spot Medium Second growth High Silver scurf Medium, High Damages High Bruising Medium PVY Medium, High PVY ntn Very high PLRV Medium, High