Spunta Potato Seeds image
Ranger Russet Potato Seeds
Key Management Points
vine maturity 120 days after planting
vine growth rapid during early season
diseases early blight, common scab
defects blackspot injury
herbicide tolerant to all
tubers short dormancy, oversizes
seed many, evenly distributed
planting (processing) 8-12 inch spacing 4 inch deep
nitrogen all preplant or distributed to mid-bulking, optimal total usually 150 to 180 lb/acre
petiole-N 16-21, 000 ppm, 70 days post-plant 10-13,000 ppm, 100 post-plant
irrigation more early watering for tuber shape more later watering for blackspot
Yield potential Medium
desiccation difficult when green need to lessen oversizing
storage excellent sugars, little sugar ends apply sprout inhibitor for processing