Australia (WA) Elite Seed

is the premier supplier of seed potatoes from any recognized potato growing region in the world. We offer the highest quality seed potatoes available, from the South-West region of Western Australia. This region is recognized as the most ideal seed potato cultivation region by the scientific and agricultural community world-wide.

WA Elite Seed offers many unique advantages compared to other potato seed providers including: One of the most pest and disease-free agricultural production areas in the world means reliable supply of high quality seed. Close proximity to Asian markets facilitates reduced shipping costs and therefore reduced costs to have your product delivered. Nearby access to local export ports and well established export infrastructure. Reliable, sustainable cultivation and market delivery processes. A fully Australian-owned private company – our only goal is to deliver our product reliably and consistently to our customers. Strong relationships with a multitude of growers in the region. A stable economic and political environment, supportive of agriculture. Research and development are supported by a national industry levy– reliable supply is guaranteed. A management team with decades of experience in agriculture and advanced agricultural qualifications. Highly scalable production capacity - ample land and water for future expansion. Access to large scale cold storage facilities allows our seed to meet nearly all planting periods Geographically positioned to supply seed out of season to northern hemisphere production periods, meaning better suited seed for certain markets In house agronomy combined with business acumen and support from Dept. of Agriculture and Food WA allows buyers to work with a seed producer competent in all facets of the supply chain.